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Monday, December 14, 2009

Stuff that bothers me (today)

Okay, there's more than one topic on my mind today. First, let's talk about

Oil Changes.
Is there some unwritten rule out there that says you will not know the true cost of an oil change until after you have it done? I attempted to find out the cheapest place for an oil change using the power of the internet today and was disheartened to see that although there are plenty of coupons out there for $5 off, $6 off etc. there are no places that will tell you exactly how much you are going to pay. All you want to know is this: How much cash will I have to fork over for a simple oil change? But at most places, you will have to physically go there, have the work done, and then let them tell you some random number. I can find out the price on most other things, toys, watches, GPS systems, a ribeye steak, ahead of time. I can even hop on the 'Net and find out the best deal. But for some reason, the true cost of an oil change, as with most automotive services, has to remain shrouded in mystery. I believe it is time the American people decided they were tired of this BS and said "either tell us the price upfront or we'll quit driving and bring the country to a standstill." Hey, it could happen.

What is up with trash? Or, to be more specific, what is up with all the trash that people throw out of their cars? I do a lot of walking, and so I tend to notice what is in the gutter or on the sidewalk (or grass verge, as there are not near enough sidewalks). Today for some reason there seemed to be a lot of those little floss picks on the street. You know, those little one-use-only pieces of floss with a handle that has a pointed end you can use as a toothpick -yet another American creation designed to keep us lazy ("I need to floss, but I don't wanna be opening all kinds of containers and stuff.... I know, I'll just put a little piece on a handle and sell 'em 20 in a bag. Make millions."). Are people just flossing their teeth a stop lights and just tossing these out the window? Why, because you need to keep your teeth hygienic but you don't want to dirty up your car? Lazy bastards.

Music. Specifically, rap.
I used to like rap. Back in the day (the '80s, let's be honest) rap was good - Run-DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Whodini, Digital Underground, De La Soul, and Public Enemy made good music. In the '90s, you had the Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg & Tupac. But now anybody with a drum machine and a shiny grill on their teeth (I'm sorry - how is that attractive?) with a bunch of mean-looking friends who can grunt obscenities in time to the rhythm while you run off at the mouth about how gangsta you is and how you be down wit da whateva and talk about guns and cars and hoes etc. seems to be able to get a recording deal, shortly before getting busted for DWI, PCS, and aggravated assault and sharing a cell with other rappers and football players. Lawdy hush ma mouth! Anyway, I simply feel that rap has been distilled time and again until it is now nothing more than a joke, a parody of its former self. Rap is played, playa. As is Top 40 music in general. I'm sorry, Rihanna, but I don't know what that was you were singing (?) on the AMA's, but it wasn't a song. And Lady Gaga? Take away the shock value, and you have a very dull artist.

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