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Friday, April 16, 2010

Weather, and Madness

Is it me or is everyone stark staring bonkers?

I know it's not me.

I was getting ready for work this morning, watching the BBC Breakfast Prog, eating my muesli and supping caffeine for all I was worth, all the while semi-listening to the weather forecast from the lovely Carol Kirkwood* (oh, how I do adore Carol and the way she says 'Inglind', 'Scotlind' and 'Northern Arlind' in her Inverness-shire lilt) and the talk about the volcano in Iceland that has spewed a frickin' great ash cloud all over the show, causing all flights in the UK to be cancelled (well, most of them anyway). I was only semi-listening because I was looking out the window at the giant dark grey cloud looming in the sky outside. I really didn't give it too much thought until I went outside the front door.

"Phwore," I said to Mum. "You smell that?"
"What, you mean that sulphur smell?" She said.
That was exactly what I meant.
To my mind, a dark cloud and a sulphur smell mean only one thing.
Anyone who has seen Dante's Peak (one of my guilty pleasures) more than once will tell you. Sulphur is a tell-tale volcanic smell.

When I got to work at Sissinghurst and got out of the car I smelt it again. "Phew," I said to no-one. "What a honk."
Well, either my mother and I have super sensitive schnozzolas or everyone is off their chump. Because everyone I mentioned it to looked at me like I'd just walked in with a giant purple pelican on my head. They had no clue what I was talking about. But I know if I was not the only person to smell it, either we're crazy or they are.

Anyway... my mate Sarah had a vacation lined up but now is grounded due to the volcanic flight problem. Sarah is one person who could really use one right now, too. Not fair, is it?

*Carol is not the only weather presenter I enjoy watching. Here are my other faves:

Kaye Forster.

Then there's the comely Kaddy Lee-Preston.

Oh my.

Looks a bit nippy in the studio today.

But without a doubt my fave has to be the adorable Nazaneen Ghaffar.


Never let it be said that the weather is dull.

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