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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some More Tunes 'n' Whatnot

Even Jim Reeves can come up with a classic Christmas belter. Come on, you know the words.

Then there's The Kinks....

I'd love to know what the budget was for this next video. I'd also love to know where Twisted Sister found two such fine actors.

Just love the wooden acting. Speaking of having very little talent, no Christmas list of same would be complete without mention of Eilert Pilarm. This guy is an Elvis impersonator in Sweden. He appears to be completely unaware of the fact that not only does he look nothing like the King, he has trouble remembering lyrics, and appears to possess no musical ability whatsoever. The sleeve of his Christmas album, Eilerts Jul, is frequently mentioned on "Worst Album Cover" lists. Here's a slice:

Later. mes amis.

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