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Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Christmas Song For You

Those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis (yes, all two of you) will no doubt remember a post from a little while back entitled Christmas Dreaming, in which I talked about an album I purchased called The Stars Sing At Christmas. At the same time I purchased another great tape called It's Christmas Time Again, on the Pickwick label, and the inside sleeve notes proclaim that all sound recordings were owned by MCA Records. This featured great songs by such luminaries as Burl Ives (and no, it wasn't A Holly Jolly Christmas), Bing, The Andrews Sisters and Jack Jones as well as tracks from less well-known acts such as The Weavers and The Mills Brothers. This last act was unknown to me, but they were evidently comtemporaries of The Ink Spots, and of a similar style. Close harmonies, romantic tunes, evoking a purer, simpler time, pure nostalgia.

The song they sang on the tape was My Christmas Song For You, a Hoagy Carmichael-penned song, which I love to croon around this time, much to the chagrin of people around me, but as you know... I don't care. This song is great, but the problem is, finding the Mills Bros.' version out there is not easy. Even at one of Barnes & Noble's 'listening stations' I had a hard time despite the fact that there were at least ten Mills Bros. compilations available. My task has been made harder by the recent acquisition of by MySpace (ack) causing the site to be down and all my playlists GONE! So after much searching, I give up in disgust. The song was originally recorded for Decca, but you can find it on eBay as a very rare 78rpm record on the Brunswick label.

Here's the lyrics....

My Christmas song for you
Is all the old things tried and true
Like jingle bells
And chestnut dells
A valley white with snow

My Christmas song for you
Is all the old things in review
A window bright
With candlelight
To set your heart aglow

Through the door, a Christmas tree
Sparkling with dreams made for you and for me
Wishing I was there, sweetheart, to share
All of the season's blessings

My Christmas song for you
Is all the good things people do
Red stockings hung
By glowing fires
Soft carols sung
By village choirs
Everything your heart desires...
That's my Christmas song for you.

As soon as I am able to rip the tape to mp3 format I will, as I think everyone needs to hear this awesome song. See y'all tomorrow.

::UPDATE:: Oh dude! I found it on YouTube!! Here we go...

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