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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Honey Covered Sausages

In the car, outside Tesco yesterday, waiting for my beloved to return from, er, returning an item. Killing time. We flick on the radio, my sister and I. Well, she flicks it on, but we both listen to it. It's Stevie Wonder. The track is Do I Do. It gets to the middle section, where Stevie says

Yes I got some candy kisses for your lips
Yes I got some honey suckle chocolate dripping kisses full of love for you

But what I hear is

Yes I got some candy kisses for your lips
Yes I got some honey covered sausages and kisses full of love for you

Much laughter ensues.

Excuse me, I must go to the kitchen.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

100 Records That Shook The World, #29

'Nuff said.

100 Records That Shook the World, #30

New Rose

The Damned

Some people make the mistake of saying that this single was the first punk single. To be accurate, it was the first single by a British punk band. Whatever. It's just damn good.

Produced by Nick Lowe and released on October 22, 1976, it sent shockwaves through the stale music industry, soon to be picked up by the Pistols and the Clash and turned into a music revolution.

No more need be said except - enjoy.

Musical Puzzler: Spielberg

So last time on the Puzzler I asked you this question: What role did Steven Spielberg play in the film The Blues Brothers? Looks like I stumped you folks because I heard nary a whisper from any of you. But I can tell you now - his role was small yet pivotal - the Cook County Assessor's Office Clerk. Don't believe me? Just watch this!

So there you are. Brief but pivotal.

Next question! The Blues Brothers band consists primarily of members of the Stax house band, Booker T. & The M.G.'s. Guitarist Steve Cropper has made several other film appearances. In which Jack Black flick did he make a cameo appearance?

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