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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Odd Stuff

Wherever I go, stuff that doesn't make sense just jumps out at me. I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame, whether it be bad spelling and punctuation (a major pet peeve) or anything that just strikes me as odd or funny. Of course, being armed with a camera phone makes these moments a good sight easier to record for posterity. With that in mind, then, here are some recent examples of stuff that I spotted, with comments, of course.
This is a Chevy model available in the UK called a Kalos. Daewoo makes them too, apparently Chevy and Daewoo are somehow intertwined in the UK. But Kalos? Come on, Chevrolet. I would have thought one of your execs would have caught that. Kalos, pronounced 'Car-loss'. Brilliant.

Not entirely sure how one is meant to 'step loose'. Is this perhaps an amalgam of 'step lively' and 'hang loose'? Spotted at the Ashford JobCentre.

'Visit us Enjoy'? What? And, reading on, it seems like a good idea to pay based on the time, until you realise this offer is only valid from 6:30pm onwards, so £6.30 is the minimum amount you can pay. Add to that that this is the kind of restaurant where reservations are necessary and that people will doubtless be clamouring for a 6:30 reservation, and it turns out this offer is not as good as it really seems.

Seriously bad parking.

Tigger, who sits like this most of the time.

These two signs are right next to each other in the same window. Come on, you're not even trying. Apostrophe abuse.

I rather feel that this should read "SLOW WORKFORCE IN ROAD".

Would you like learning Chinese Mandarin. Please come in ask details.

Why does the child have boiling water anyway? What kind of irresponsible parenting is that?
And finally...
Excuse me? ESCORTING gentlemen??


  1. I don't even know where to begin! I think I like the "loose step" and the child with boiling water pics the best. I love your humor :)

  2. i think the loose step is a health and safety issue specially in a government building
    Of course if it was lose step where did they lose it and do they want it back

  3. Well, of course I know what it was meaning, but to me "Step Loose" sounds a lot more open to misinterpretation than "Loose Step". But why analyze? It's just funny!


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