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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Bubbles, No Troubles

Why can't we just admit it to ourselves?

I was in the bathroom shower this morning, just a few minutes ago as a matter of fact, humming a wee ditty to myself, and pondering some of life's mysteries. Such as - why is it that the only time an ingrown hair irritates me is when it's on my thigh and I'm wearing jeans? Why is that?

I was glancing at the bottle of 2-in-1Hair and Body Wash, and then it struck me... Hair AND Body Wash? So if this washes my body and my hair... then... surely...?

Then I looked at the ingredients list on all the bottles in the bathroom. And I have reached one inevitable conclusion, which most of you reached probably years before I did.

We are being conned by the manufacturers. It doesn't matter what it is, all shampoos, bath gel, bubble bath, body wash, shower gel... it's all the same. Same basic ingredients on the list, give or take a little glycerin. The only thing that is a wee bit different is conditioner. I'll grant you that. But the rest of it is all essentially the same, bar the fragrance and the packaging.

And here's what's really amazing. It has taken me almost 45 years to figure that out.

So now I'm confused. If it really all is the same stuff, then how come some of it is great and some of it sucks? How come people love Pantene but hate Alberto VO5, and vice versa? And why do I even think about this stuff? The world may never know....

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