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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mo' Oddness

Had to blow this up so you can read it. Just amazes me that proofreading seems to be a forgotten art. In one ad the Raja of Kent manages to refer to itself as The Raja of Indian, tells us that they would like dinners, not diners, to be more adventurous, and that people come from across the Kent, among other typos. And the event costs £55! You're having a gee-raffe.

Spotted in Cranbrook. Almost in apoplexy in the street.

At the intersection of Park St and North St in Ashford, Kent, sits what looks like a lump of modern sculpture, but is in fact an automatic public toilet. Open 24 hours a day, this contemporary crapper is equipped with a sliding Star Trek-style door which opens when you deposit the princely sum of 10p. When you exit, the door slides shut behind you and it cleans itself completely.

At Smallhythe Place, next to the plants for sale.

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  1. Yikes...scratch what I said in your other post -- THIS is cause for capital punishment!!


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