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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Breakdown

Things I Did Today

  1. Got out of bed.
  2. Ate nutritionally sound breakfast of mushroom and tomato omelette topped with avocado, drank big glass of prune juice and a herkin' big mug of Nescafe Gold Blend.
  3. Managed to turn off Jeremy Kyle Show after only 15 minutes. Man, I really feel for Jezza sometimes. If I had people like that on my show day after day I'd go nuts.
  4. Bathed and dressed. I smell good.
  5. Went to the Asthma Clinic at the doc's to get myself checked out. Puffed and blew into various tubes and was told I needed a spacer for my inhaler. Should get it in a couple of days. Got weighed too. You don't wanna know. Not good. Have put on a few pounds. Back on the healthy food.
  6. Met my girlfriend Laura at Caffe Nero and ordered a fruit booster in order to be healthy. Friends Andrea and Rupert walked in, on their way to an anniversary lunch at Chapel Down. Good to see them.
  7. Went to Post Office, picked up my dole money. Won't be doing that too often as I got a new job yesterday. Picked up an application for a driving licence. Bought a mystery novel from the library sale for 30p.
  8. Went to Truffles and bought some, er, truffles.
  9. Went to The Cats Protection Society Shop. Bought a few books and CDs.
  10. Went to Tesco and paid a small fortune to sit in a booth and have ONE picture taken. Seriously, £5? Really? This for a pic to go on my provisional licence.
  11. Bought my girlfriend some flowers. Purple mums and roses.
  12. Ate a salad for lunch. Tuna steak niçoise. Nice.
  13. Went to Julian Graves, where everything is currently half price because they are selling everything to the bare walls. This fine establishment is being taken over by Holland & Barrett, who suck. Nothing I like ever lasts. Boo. Got some good bargains. Bittersweet.
  14. Sat in the  recreation ground and had a good old natter with Laura. Nice sunny afternoon. She then headed home and I took a few pix of the funfair with the trusty camera phone.
  15. Walked home, trying to be healthy and pick up the pace a bit.
  16. Got home, checked email and Facebook. 
  17. Decided with Sis we'd get some fish and chips for dinner. Bang goes the healthy eatin'. 
  18. Listened to Radcliffe & Maconie.
  19. More computer time, uploading pics, food blog, chatting on FB with Cecilia and Skype with Laura.
  20. Bed and blog.
  21. Zzzzzz...
Wow, busy day.


  1. dont believe all the doctors scales say its always more than the scales at home i just had the same thing at the diabetic clinic


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