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Friday, April 29, 2011

Indie Name Of Beards

According to Jack "Skippy" McFadden, head talent buyer at Union Hall and the Bell House, as told to the New York Times: "Beards are like the 2009 version of the anti-guitar solo. In the early '90s, indie bands like Pavement and Sonic Youth made guitar solos obsolete, it was embarrassing to play something that evoked Whitesnake. Today, beards are a way of hiding behind a certain confidence and saying, 'Hey, I'm not a clean-shaven, TV-happy, American-Idol type, I'm more a warm cuddly artist who needs to not attract more attention to the fact that, yes, I'm cute, but I'm a little dirty, kinda like it's 1974.' Also, do you know how much it costs to shave?"

Interesting theory, uh, Skippy. But it's true though - if you have an indie rock band, particularly one of those there popular-type folkwave bands, then one of you will have to grow a beard, or at the very least some serious stubble or a 'tash. Here are a few examples:

Built To Spill:
Not bad. Going for the Deadliest Catch look here, I feel.

Fleet Foxes:
Nice, fellas. Three out of five ain't bad.

The Thrills:
Hmmm. Must try harder. the dude second left is really going for the retro gear, though.

We Are Scientists:
Guy in the middle is workin' it.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros:

Wow. I count seven beards, a tash and some stubble. You guys win.

Death Cab For Cutie:
50%. Needs work.

Seems like the key to success here is the hairy face. Sometimes it helps if there's a lot of flannel present and perhaps a woolly hat or two. Glasses seem only to add to the indieness. 

Now, where did I put my Gillette Mach II?

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