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Monday, April 25, 2011

Musical Puzzler: What's Up, Earthlets?

I asked a while back on The Puzzler about the record that was made by Carl 'Chas Smash' Smyth and Graham McPherson (aka Suggs) from Madness that was their homage to the comic 2000AD and its 'hero' Judge Dredd. I wanted to know what name the two Nutty Boys recorded the record under, and if you knew it, the title of said track. Well, all is about to be revealed.

The record's title was "Mutants In Mega-City One" b/w "Mutant Blues", and the artist name was The Fink Brothers. No-one other than my sister (who is a massive Madness fan) took a stab at it, so Sis, victory is yours.

Yes, Earthlets, I bought this record.

The Fink Brothers was a side project that Carl and Suggs undertook in 1985 after setting up the Zarjazz record label to expand the creativity of the band into other areas. They were both avid 2000AD readers at the time of this project and they took the name the Fink Brothers from the comic strip Judge Dredd .

Fink Angel and Mean Machine Angel are two members of the angel gang a vicious band of hill-billy mutants from the waste land outside of Mega-city one. Sworn enemies of Judge Dredd, not least because he killed most of their family.

According to Carl, "The word 'Zarjazz' (the name of their record label) is 2000 A.D. talk. It's a word we use when we talk to each other: we used to say 'nutty', now we say 'zarjazz'. It means 'great, 'brilliant'."

So there you have it, people.

Here's the record.

Now, next question:

Suggs married a girl named Bette Bright. With which art-rock outfit was she the singer?

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