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Thursday, February 18, 2010


OK folks, time to feel old. The TV show Twin Peaks first hit our screens 20 years ago! Where, oh where does the time go? On April 8, 1990, TV as we knew it changed forever the first time Kyle MacLachlan uttered those immortal words: "Damn fine coffee". Kyle himself was on the box tonight as a guest on BBC's The One Show. The man is 4 days shy of turning 51, yet still looks as devilishly handsome as he did on Peaks. Blast his eyes! If I look that good in, let me see, 7 years, I will be happy. If I look that good tomorrow, I'll be over the moon. The guy is doing great right now on Desperate Housewives, and of course he's constantly in syndication as Trey from Sex And The City. Two shows I will probably never watch on purpose. He and his wife own two dogs which, due to them "loving them too much" have their own website, which is a hoot! It's called Mookie And Sam, and well worth a browse.
Twin Peaks and its prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me were directed by that lovable nutball David Lynch, of course, who also directed Kyle in Blue Velvet, another inexplicable yet immensely watchable movie. Blue Velvet also starred the eternally lovely Isabella Rossellini, the wonderfully unhinged Dennis Hopper and the talented Laura Dern, and contained one of my favourite songs, In Dreams  by Roy Orbison, lip-synched in a bizarre scene by Dean Stockwell.

I recall seeing David Lynch guesting on an early episode of  The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Jay knew that Lynch, a total geek, was a lover and collector of all things kitschy, and presented him with an old speaker from a drive-in movie theater. Lynch's reaction? "Neat-o!"

Here in the UK, Season 2 of Peaks is set to be released on DVD on March 22, one month after Kyle's 51st birthday.

Well, that was an odd little post, wasn't it?

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