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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have a little device/widget/thingamabob on this blog called Feedjit, which not only counts my hits for me but tells me whence they come. There is a little option on there that lets you watch in real-time not only when they come in, but where they come from, what browser they're using, and sometimes, if they used Google to get to my page, what their search term was that got them there. Some of them are pretty straightforward, others not so much. The other day I wrote a column titled Judge This! which was all about the ladies' moguls event in the Olympic Winter games in Vancouver. Some of the hits on that page were reached by Googling Hannah Kearney cocky and Jennifer Heil spank. Um... I have to ask... no... maybe not.
Another example is someone from the San Francisco area reaching my post "What's Your Name?" by Googling twisted her ankle. I have reread that post a dozen times, and I don't see that phrase anywhere.
How does this happen? How does Google direct people to my site with such searches?
Incidentally, almost all the hits I've ever gotten from Canada seem to relate to the song Christmas Is Coming by The Payola$. And the only hit I got from Alaska came from Denali National Park, and it hit the page where I talked about Denali National Park. So clearly, they only are interested in hearing about themselves.

So it becomes increasingly obvious that in order to get a hit from a particular place, all you have to do is mention it.
In that spirit, then, I say to you... Australia! China! Saudi Arabia! Mauritius! And Antarctica!

(Actually, I think it would be cool to get a hit from Antarctica. It would be even cooler to get a follower from there.)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you're ever in town, please stop by my home and make me some of that mint pesto lamb, okay?

    My husband has a tool like that for his blog. He said my blog brings a few readers to his. I guess I do him a service. I'm always amused when people tell me their blogs were found by the most bizarre/disgusting searches.

    Good luck with Antarctica!


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