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Thursday, February 4, 2010

100 Records That Shook The World, #84

Bye Bye Love
The Everly Brothers

Phil and Don Everly were brothers from a musical family. Their father, Ike Everly, had a radio show in 1940s Iowa where he and his wife and the two young boys would perform on the radio as the Everly Family. Ike always knew his boys were talented, but he never expected the success they would achieve. As the boys grew and became just a duo, Chet Atkins, who was a family friend, set up a chance for them to record for Columbia Records. They only recorded one single for the label, "Keep A-Lovin' Me", which flopped and the label dropped them. However, Atkins did not give up on the boys, and soon he introduced them to Acuff-Rose Music Publishing, who engineered a recording deal with the brand-new Cadence Records. Their first single in early 1957 was "Bye Bye Love" a song that had been rejected by Elvis as well as almost 30 others. It peaked at #2 behind Elvis' 'Teddy Bear' and became the duo's first million-seller. The boys' close-harmonies and acoustic guitars paved the way for country-rock and the Beach Boys. They were also an influence on one of their touring pals Buddy Holly who admired the brothers' sharp suits and revamped his image accordingly. When Buddy died, Phil was one of his pallbearers, but Don took to his bed, to upset to do anything or go anywhere.

Here's "Bye Bye Love".

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