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Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Dreaming...

(Irving Gordon / Lester Lee)

I'm doing my Christmas dreaming
A little early this year,
No sign of snow around;
And yet I go around

Hearing Jingle bells ringing in my ear:
Your promise must be the reason
The happy season is here;
So I'm doing my Christmas dreaming
A little early this year.

If you really have to ask why I like this song, you're not reading the lyrics properly. It's obvious: I'm an old romantic. The version in question is hard to find, coming as it did from a cassette compilation (see the post entitled It's Beginning... for details) called The Stars Sing At Christmas. Some real gems were on this tape and I wish I could find it. I can find the album cover:

The version on this album was by Dick Haymes and I fell in love with it instantly - the lyric, the sentiment, the arrangement and Haymes' velvety-smooth voice. In some sort of foolish romantic notion, I resolved to learn it so that I could eventually gaze into the eyes of my beloved and croon it to her while she swooned and fluttered her eyelids. Ah, youth, eh?

The Dick Haymes version proved difficult to find, but thanks to the Interwebs, I can bring it to you now. Fall in love with it as I did.

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