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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Into The Unknown 7

Into The Unknown 7

Another healthy dose of underground music for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Track listing:

Kinski - Flight Risk

Alcatraz Electro ft. Bentcousin - Under The Sun

'Allo Darlin'- Half Heart Necklace

Bentcousin & Jef Kearns ft. roryp - Brighton Lights

Dorey The Wise - True True

Evans The Death - Sledgehammer

Johanna Warren - True Colors

LetKolben - Metamorphosis

Sages - Lets

Look Mexico - Don't You Dare

Marsheaux - Now This Is Fun

Samm Henshaw - Redemption

lolademo - Stain On Your Jeans

Bentcousin & Guiville - Stop The City

Dutch Uncles - Upsilon (deadbear remix)

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