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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Into The Unknown, Episode 6

Into The Unknown, Episode 6

Yet another foray into music that is not well known, as the title of the show suggests. Tracks this time from Petri, Kurt Dirt, Nina Clark,, Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience, movie, rumHoney, Suzie Suh, The Dead Birds and more...

Track listing:

Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience - Midnight Runner - midway - ojmacoj

Movie - Misty Windowpane

Suzie Suh - Petticoat Dan

The Dead Birds - Once More

Kurt Dirt - Shall We Gather

The Savage Nomads - Pinkie's Little Light

rumHoney - She's So Fine

Gang Of Youths - Still Unbeaten Life

Silent Lions - Stolen In The Heat Of The Moment

Oh Juturna - Bark Twice If You're In Milwaukee

Petri - Folk Embryo

Nina Clark - I Had A King

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Mickey Destro remix)

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