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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dis Information, Dat Information

Yes, that's right, peeps. The Sun news(ha!)paper thinks you need to be outraged by this sort of thing. Outrageous!

The Sun thinks that the fact that the only woman who made it into the semi finals of the crappiest gameshow on television was shown on the second semifinal episode when IN FACT she competed in the FIRST one is worth a front-page headline.

The show revolves around people taking on a challenging assault course, and getting fast times to qualify. In fact I trust you'll agree this is a fairly uncomplicated system. In order to appear in the semis this woman beat out a lot of others. Yet the fact that she was shown competing in the second semi rather than the first is an outrageous enough proposition that we need to be told about it, even if we don't watch the show, or even care.

Does The Sun think its readers are so thick that they are unfamiliar with the concept of editing for time? Clearly they must.

And The Sun, who a few short weeks ago were exhorting its readers, trumpeting from the front page, VOTE TORY, telling them that we had to vote Tory or face problems for many years because of the menace of 'Red Ed' (Ed Miliband, Labour Party leader, who is about as red as David Cameron's underwear. Seriously, Labour haven't been a socialist party since the days of Kinnock and the miners' strikes. They're only slightly less right-wing than the Conservatives themselves. The only party with true socialist leanings are the Greens, but that's a different story.)

Poor Ed. Bad photo opportunity plus badly mde sandwich equals front-page gurning and more of The Sun's infamous puns.

 and the trouble that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon would cause. Basically the message was, we're doing OK on a Tory agenda, let's sign up for five more years of it otherwise Labour will cock it all up for us. This was the headline on Election Day 2015.

You see that 2nd reason? Stop the SNP from running the country? Odd, when you see the front page of The Scottish version of The Sun from the same day...

So The Sun just wants to stir up trouble. And with the Ninja Warrior UK headline, they also want to avoid issues, keep us ignorant. Let's consider the other daily papers' headlines from the same day as Ninja Warrior.

As far as I can see, with one exception (The Star, which is basically a comic anyway) there's ACTUAL news on each cover. Real stories about shit that's going down in the world. So where do The Sun get off telling people how to vote? And what's even more sinister, what is their motive for not reporting ACTUAL news? Why do they want to keep their readers under-informed, uninformed, misinformed and disinformed?

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