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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Into The Unknown Oldies Mixtape

Into The Unknown Oldies Mixtape

Sure, we can listen to new music. But just for today, let's pull out some old records and listen to some stuff that may have passed you by. With artists as diverse as Simple Minds, Adrian Wagner, bIG fLAME and The Associates among the tracks, you are sure to hear something fresh and freaky.

 Track listing: 

Virgins Of The Sun - Adrian Wagner

 Far More Drums - Dave Brubeck Quartet 

Visage - Visage 

Man Of Few Syllables - bIG fLAME 

I Don't Know What It Is - Pete Shelley

 Dance Sucker (12") - Set The Tone

 Party Fears Two - Heaven 17

 Love Song - Simple Minds

 The Distance - Cake

 The Jezebel Spirit - David Byrne & Brian Eno 

Voodoo Ray - A Guy Called Gerald 

Seether - Veruca Salt

 Handyman Blues - Billy Bragg

 White Car In Germany - The Associates

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