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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stuff And Nonsensicals

So, first of all, what exactly are they trying to teach children these days? This came home as homework the other day. 
Not only that but I am faintly disturbed by the two characters on the right , "The Jones Brothers"... I mean WTF??

Secondly, here is something else that ha been bothering me since we had Coors Light installed in our bar the other week (yeah, like totally, I know, fer shurr, rilly we are like, SO American - NOT!!). Good ol' Jean Claude Van Damme drinking his (apparently) favourite beverage, fine, mountains, icy, cold, we get it. But let's analyse the punctuation and see what we are talking about.

I think what they meant to say was "Ice cold refreshment is close, friend. Real close."

Instead what we have is "Ice cold refreshment is close friend, real close."

It sounds like Van Damme is telling you in his sexy broken English that Ice Cold Refreshment is a close friend of his. Read it in his voice and you'll see. 

Either way, it's a really poxy slogan. Whatever happened to "It's The Right Beer Now?" or even, "The Silver Bullet"?

I give up. I'm going to get a pot plant, call it Dave and paint it blue.

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