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Monday, January 7, 2013

More Facebook Nonsense

If you are even a casual user of The Book Of Face, you will know that occasionally (read: all the piggin' time) Ye Olde Face Booke will change ever so slightly slightly. Every now and again (read: every day) M. Zuckerberg Esq. will hand down a dictum to one of his many minions... "Change Timeline in an annoying and douchebaggy kinda way! My will be done, serf!" and other such commands.

Now if you are a follower of my activities sur le web - and let's face it, why wouldn't you be? - you will know that I am a contributor to a flippin' fan-dabi-dozi blog called The Unbelievables! which has a 'fanpage' at . If you were unaware of these facts, please, do yourself and your funny bone a favour and click those links.

Now, when one is administrator of a fanpage (or any other kind of  'page' at Facebook), you can go to your Admin controls and choose to either be yourself on the rest of Facebook or your page's identity on the rest of Facebook. Confused? you will be.

Any road up, Facebook, as I say, have decided in their infinite wisdom in the last day or two to add another small change to the Homepage and Profile page. At the top of each there is a small box in which to insert text, write your status, whatever. But now they have taken to adding a little prompt in the text entry box such as "How's it going, Jeff?" or "How are you feeling, Jeff?" or even "What are you doing, Jeff?". In short, they're like an annoying  needy co-worker.

This is bad enough by itself. but when, as I mentioned, you can switch profiles to your fanpage's identity, such as I did today, it will then have the same annoying prompts in the text entry box,  which then sound utterly ridiculous. "How are you, The Unbelievables?" "How's it going, The Unbelievables?" "What are you doing, the Unbelievables?"


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