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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ebay Killed The Rummage Sale

I may have mentioned in previous posts (I don't really remember) that I have always been a bit of a bargain hunter. This, I think, has a lot to do with my upbringing... we didn't have a lot, and I did have some hand-me-downs from people like my uncle and some from other people's kids, my Nan was always finding stuff in jumble sales for me and my sis and so that ethos became ingrained in my very nature. When I started to earn money I would hit jumble sales and Oxfam and get some bargains. These places were good for feeding my record-buying habit and also picking up some nifty threads. I once found a Harris Tweed jacket with rips in the lining for a pound, took it to the local cleaners who also did alterations, and got the lining replaced for about ten pounds, I think it was. I was given a green tweed suit where the trousers were too big so they went for alteration, too. Here I am wearing it.

Stylin' & profilin'

Oh, and the shoes? Bright red suede AirWair soles from Robot in Carnaby St. However, they were one of my Grandad's jumble sale or boot fair finds, and they happened to be in my size.

As time progressed I moved to the USA and was shown the delights of Goodwill, St Vincent De Paul and other thrift stores, and made many purchases from them - furniture, a scanner/printer, records, books, clothes, shoes... they are quite my favourite places to shop - you never know what you will find and that, to me, is part of the fun.

Now I'm back in Blighty and there are far fewer jumble sales and boot fairs, because Ebay seems to have killed them off... but Ebay, it must be said, is still the same sort of deal, but without the smell of mothballs or the taste of cheap coffee and Rich Tea biscuits. However, there are now a profusion of charity shops on the High Street, and they are similar to thrift stores, except that thrift stores are less choosy about what they sell.

Anyway, I heard a tune the other day that made me all misty for Value Village and the VoA Thrift. Here we go (careful though, some of the fruitier expressions of everyday life are uttered in this video. If you feel outraged by this, write a letter to the editor of the Radio Times. It won't do any good, but you'll feel better for having set your thoughts down on paper.):


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