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Monday, May 9, 2011

Enough, Already

You recall I mentioned in previous posts about the fact that my job is ending because the store I work at is being closed down by the parent company. The reasons are many and varied but boil down to a simple fact: we don't have, or haven't had enough customers. Or, put another way, we are spending more than we earn. As anyone will tell you, this is no way to run a business. There are not enough pounds and pence coming in, and having a rent increase doesn't help matters.


We, the staff of said establishment, have known since February 5th that we are closing. But even as the final date of May 28th staggers like a large drunk ever nearer and unavoidable, it simply floors me that every person that sets foot inside our doors is shocked, stunned, and other words to describe dismay and anger, about our impending and imminent shutdown. They think it's terrible, awful, a real blow, a dreadful shame, what will we do now, where will we go to get our food etc. etc.? Is there nothing that can be done? No - it's too late for that.

Like I say, we've known about this since early February. We've been telling people about it since March. But it's still a total shock and surprise to some folks. But because we the staff have been aware of it for longer, we've had time to grieve. We've been through all seven stages of grief, or however many it's supposed to be. We've experienced the pain, the anguish, the denial, the anger, and the acceptance, and we are now at the stage where we just wish people would shut the hell up about it and move on. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but we are tired and jaded and we just want to get it over with and be done.  I am so tired of repeating the same thing day in day out to a bunch of people whom I have never laid eyes on before that claim to be 'loyal' customers, as they produce their clubcard which we stopped issuing 18 months ago. Get over it, people. You will undoubtedly find ways to purchase frozen food not unlike ours after we are gone, whether it be from Jempson's or Waitrose or one of our other outlets of which there are a considerable few.

So today as my manager was not there, being on his hols, and having handed in his notice anyway, I took it upon myself to repaint our outside blackboard signs and decorate them with large messages declaring Yes, we're closing on the 28th, mark it in your calendars, put it in your BlackBerry, tattoo it on your forehead, do whatever the heck you have to do in order to remember it, you bozos, or words to that effect (only a little more polite). I thought, that's done. Now the message is clear. They will undoubtedly get the idea now. 

So it was that after work I went to Waitrose to grab a few bits and bobs. As I did so, I passed by two ladies having a chat by the deli counter, and overheard "...and I can't believe it, d'you know, COOK's is closing...""No!""Oh yes..." 

My work is done. Message received and understood. Now, can we lay off the tea and sympathy and just get on with shutting it down? Thanks.


  1. Maybe too much money spent on Michael Buble CD's eh Jeff...Steve

  2. I get to spend these final weeks devoid of the agony of Buble. I am happy to report that I am also free from James Taylor, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, Alison Krauss, Train, The Script and Snow Patrol. Why? Because all those CDs belong to Tom, and he is no longer there. I enjoyed yesterday because I got to listen to Semisonic, The Zutons and Fatboy Slim (my CDs). Today I think a little ABC and The Specials would go down a treat.


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