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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kan U Spel? Part Won

I often wonder if people ever bother to proofread, or have someone else proofread, their work. I am not sure that it even crosses some people's minds to do such a thing, either because they are stupid, or because they are so supremely confident in their ability to spell, catch errors and punctuate correctly, that the idea does not even begin to consider the notion of the possibility of entering their heads. Let us give them the benefit of the doubt. I am sure they are all lovely people. But when a person does not double-check their effort, some amusing results can occur. Take, for example, the sign located in the small kitchen at my workplace, just above the draining board.

Firstly, we have the surreal assertion that item 4, whatever it was, is not applicable. Well, it's a good job we don't know what it is then, otherwise we might be tempted to apply it, and that would just not do. Then we are told that there is such a thing as a course filter. What kind of course, and how would you filter it? Main course? Golf course? Racecourse? A matter of course?

Now we are told that steam will be left out. A classic bit of double misspelling. Let's misspell  emitted  and make it omitted,  and then add an extra M just for a laugh. That'll confuse 'em.

Now I see the problem. The guy (or girl - I'm an equal-opportunity grammar snob) that wrote this sign must be the same one that writes the instructions for flat-pack furniture and TV/VCR combos.


Not only has some guy in Tenterden got an American vehicle, but it's a bloody great stretch limo...
Ford Excursion, if I'm not mistaken.


  1. belongs to a taxi business dear

  2. Well, I knew that. Still odd to see one in the old UK though. To me, at least.


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