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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Faces

I remember the days when I was happy to play
For a penny or two a song
When a fella in a black sedan
Took a shine to my one-man-band
He said 'We've got plans for you, you've never dreamed...'

So went the theme to New Faces,  an early 70s British talent show that spawned such great acts as Lenny Henry, Dave Allen, Mick Miller, Victoria Wood, Marti Caine, Les Dennis, Michael Barrymore and Aiden J. Harvey as well as musical group Showaddywaddy.

Well, here's my own version of New Faces. Some talents that you may not have seen or heard of just yet, that i think deserve a shot.

First up: Cha-Cha.

The Vanish Affair (Sorry, no video available yet!)

Lucy Kitt (The one video posted on her MySpace was unavailable).

Vic Spanner Local remixer and techno geek.

Poetic K!

Poetic K! "lost and found"

Poetic K ! | MySpace Music Videos

John Keenan - "Bus Ride Away"

Reachback -  "Hands Up, Hearts Down"

Nina Clark/Carnelian 

'Allo Darlin'

Bobby Conn

Jay Jay Pistolet

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