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Friday, April 9, 2010

Never Mind The Obits

  • Malcolm McLaren, age 64, mesothelioma, at a Swiss clinic

It seems a roundup of recent notable deaths is necessary... firstly, what can you say about this man that hasn't already been said? RIP Malcolm McLaren... same age as my Mum, gone way before his time, which seems somehow apropos for a man ahead of his time. We'll miss you Malcolm.

  • Christopher Cazenove, actor, aged 64, London, septicaemia
Another one the same age as mum. More well known in his home country than in the States, though many will remember him from his stint as Ben Carrington in Dynasty and his role as arch-creep Edward Hargreave in Three Men And A Little Lady.

  • John Forsythe, actor, 92, Santa Ynez, California, pneumonia
Cazenove's half-brother Blake Carrington was portrayed by this venerable actor who had a career spanning 60-plus years, also known as the voice of Charles Townsend on Charlie's Angels, and the man who said weekends were made for Michelob.

  • Kenneth McKellar, Scottish tenor, 82, Lake Tahoe, pancreatic cancer
Our Ken was the definitive Scottish tenor, bekilted and resplendent in all his Hibernian glory, often appearing alongside Andy Stewart and Jimmy Shand on Hogmanay specials in the '60s and '70s, well known for his definitive recordings of songs by Robert Burns and his British entry in the 1966 Eurovision song contest A Man Without Love.

  • Corin Redgrave, actor, 70, after a short illness
Best known as Andie MacDowell's groom Hamish in Four Weddings And A Funeral, Corin came from a big acting family: his father was Sir Michael Redgrave, his sisters are Vanessa and Lynn, his daughter is Jemma and his nieces are Joely Richardson and the late Natasha Richardson. He was overtly political and claimed he had been blacklisted from both stage and screen work.  He founded Artists Against Racism, the International Movement for Peace and Justice in Chechnya, the Peace and Progress Party, which fielded three candidates in the 2005 general election, and later, with his sister Vanessa, the Guantánamo Human Rights Commission. He had also beaten prostate cancer and survived a heart attack.

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