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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zounds! Sounds

I was just reminiscing about computers. My post yesterday about burning CDs got me to thinking about how far we've come in the last few years.

My train of thought went like this:
Before I had access to a computer with a built-in CD burner (which was a Gateway, btw), I could download MP3s and play them in Winamp or Windows Media Player. The only reason I knew about MP3s or Winamp was because I had worked for a short time at Circuit City, now sadly defunct, and a co-worker had brought in a CD full of MP3s and used Winamp in full-screen mode to play them on one of the display computers.

Before that time I had used only Mac computers, and would use System 7 sound files to play sound clips in AOL chat rooms. "Atomic Dog" and the like.

When I first moved to the States, my first wife had a Macintosh Plus computer which had some sound clips on there that you could assign to be your default sounds. They were mostly clips from cartoons. The ones I remember were:

* Curly from the Three Stooges saying "I'm trying to think but nuttin' happens!"

* The witch from a Bugs Bunny cartoon singing "Rockabye rabbit, in the hot oven / Into my mouth for dinner I'm shovin'"

* Fred Flintstone crying out "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!"

* An unknown character, from a Looney Tunes cartoon, saying "Look, ugly - plunkem me once more and it's your last plunkem!"

* The Twilight Zone theme.

I remember when I was still actively recording demos back in the mid-'90s I recorded a techno-ish track which utilised a few of these sounds. I still have it on tape somewhere. One day I'll find it, rip it to MP3 format and post it here. Don't hold your breath though. I have to get a hold of a cassette deck first, and these days they are few and far between. I miss tapes. I'm so retro. However, I can post some of my oeuvre, my back catalog, so to speak.

 ::UPDATE:: I made this video for the song last year... awesome, no?

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