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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Hope You Have The Time Of Your Life

I may or may not have told you before, dear reader, but when I was in secondary school, I was the drummer in a rock band. We weren't particularly great, and when we were starting out, we were terrible, but we did get better over time, as we got more practice and better equipment. I still think of those days very fondly though.

Anyway, one of the reasons we got better is we recruited a bass player and fired a guitarist (whose name I will omit, for reasons which will become clear). I am sure said guitar player will insist, as he did back then, that he quit the band, but he spent the rest of his time at school making fun of us, and particularly our leader Alastair.

A few years back this guy made contact with me via FriendsReunited which is a website similar to but based in the UK. His first message to me was 'still playing drums?' which could be taken as either a genuine question or a snide comment.

Last year he contacted me again by 'friending' me on Facebook. Again with the question about the drums. He was fairly quiet and not too annoying so I left him on my friend list.

The other day I posted a video on FB of She & Him singing "Sentimental Heart" live. He commented on it, saying that he was 'eating spag bog, and now has indigestion, thanks!'

Spag Bog. This is a nauseating term for Spaghetti Bolognese, which is incidentally the #1 meal in Britain and also the first meal I learned how to cook, and I daresay i make it better than anyone. But that's just me blowing my own trumpet.

I always referred to Spaghetti Bolognese as Spag Bol, which makes more sense, and Spaghetti Bollock Naked, which is just funny. Over the years in the UK it has changed to Spag Bog, and this offends me. I'm sorry, but it does. Consider the fact that the word 'bog' is not a particularly pleasant one, and that it also means 'toilet' in the UK. So why would I want visions of toilets in my head when thinking about delicious pasta? Spag bog. I sometimes despair of the people that populate my home country.

So I wrote back, 'it's spag bol, not spag bog!'

So he wrote back, "You arrogant prick, America suits you." and took himself off my friend list.

So I replied, even though I knew he would probably not read it, "You always were a jerk. Nothing changes. "

Good riddance.


  1. Actually Jeff, don't worry yourself to much - I have never heard it referred to a Spag Bog. I think he was winding you up..... worked, eh?!!

  2. Facetious rather than arrogant maybe! I'm still trying to figure out who you are referring to,more clues needed!

  3. absolutely we need another clue

  4. Have to agree with Sarah - not heard it called that before! Anyhow,if it's who I think it is (did he call Nigel "Big Bird"?)I met him a few times on the train - gone very posh and working for a property firm. So much for the career in music!


  5. but rupert i called nigel big bird

  6. Maybe it caught on....maybe everyone called Nigel Big Bird..dang! As you said, more clues may be needed.


  7. OK... lots of comments I see. I actually googled it and yes, unfortunately Spag Bog is in use. No, it wasn't Grigga (for it was he who originally came up with 'Big Bird' after Nigel permed his hair). I can't believe that Muff & Mum can't remember who our original guitar player was. Big, fat, obnoxious, responsible for the graffiti outside the music room that said 'Rockerbilly (sic) Sadler' ?

  8. I just had another tangential thought. You folks talking about 'Big Bird' reminded me of that perm. And thinking about that perm reminded me of the song that always enters my head when thinking about that perm. It's 'Surfin' USA' by the Beach Boys, particularly that line 'bushy bushy blond hair-dos...'. Does that make me a bad person?

  9. No, no, that makes a load of sense.


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