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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Puzzler: Men In Black

So last time on The Puzzler I asked you this question: "Who took on Mulder and Scully in Celebrity Deathmatch?

The answer was Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith - the Men In Black co-stars - in the episode entitled 37th Annual Sci-Fi Fight Night. Here's that episode, in case you're wondering who wins the bout (their fight starts at the 14 minute mark or thereabouts.)

In the beginning we see Keith Flint of Prodigy duking it out with Celine Dion, who turns out to be an alien and eats both Keith and spectator Don King.

Keith Flint was and still is a member of The Prodigy, notably providing vocals for their hits Firestarter and Breathe as well as many of their album tracks. But what was The Prodigy's first hit, way back in 1990?

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