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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Adver(t)se Reactions

There are some bizarre commercials around. The one above annoys me. Because around the 12-second mark, the son, who is presumably either at school or at the local pool, texts mum to say he's mislaid his swimming trunks. And then we see the mum coming out of a room (presumably the boy's bedroom, but possibly the laundry room?) holding said trunks and smirking inanely. She's found'em. Great! Or perhaps she was hiding them and the smirk is saying "That'll show the little git who's boss!", but the point is, unless the pool (or the school) is next door, she's not really going to say to herself  "I know what I'll do. I'll drive to the school, and once I get past security and the school secretary and have the boy paged to come to school reception and collect the trunks himself, he'll still have PLENTY of time to get back and swim.", is she? Not unless it's double P.E. that day.

Who knew Patsy Kensit was ever fat? Ever? OK, so you were married to Liam Gallagher, we all make mistakes luv. Boo hoo. Get a grip.

This is actually an actual tune by a band called The Molloys. However, what appears to be a folky video becomes a crap ad for sausages (which aren't all that good, really). Particularly loathsome is the bit at 32 seconds where the young man smiles at his mum and she does an impression of a squinting cat.

Oh come on Nicole. As if you eat.

Alright, where to start with this one?

"C'mon, more stylish..." What the hell is wrong with that room, lady?

"More like it!" "No. Way."  What the hell is wrong with that room, dude? Because it's too girly for you, ya curly-mop-white-afro-haired nob?

"Is there a pool?" She says. And he says, almost in surprise, "Tcheh, there is!" I have never stayed at a hotel, even a budget one, that didn't have a pool of some sort. Don't act so shocked.

P.S. I realise that in the USA you had the exact same ad but with Americans doing the voice overs. But did you know there was a German version?

Much better.

Then, lastly (actually I could go on and on, but let's not get too boring) there's this little nugget.

and this...

All of these make one thought resonate around my brain...

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