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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pretty Darn Unbelievable

Just in case there are some of you out there that read this blog (all four of you - yes, you! I can see you! Don't pretend to be asleep because I know you read this - or at least you pretend to. Pretty good at pretending there aren't you, actor boy!! They should call you "The Great Pretender"!! Oh, they do?? Really? Well, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'll just pick up where I left off, shall I? And once again, sorry about, well, you know. Because that mask sure is convincing. I mean, I didn't know there was a medical reason for it. I just thought it was... sorry. Forget I even mentioned it. It really is quite lifelike. You sure had me fooled. Very good. ... ... aaanyway..)

Where was I?? Ah yes. Just in case there are some of you out there that read this blog but don't read The Unbelievables, here on HIS blog my good friend and writing amigo Clark Brooks (who wanted me to call him The Great Clarkito - he's got some sort of unfulfilled magician fantasy, but I'm not going to pander to it - I mean, he's good but he's no Doug Henning. But then again, who is?) describes succinctly the many and varied reasons why The Unbelievables ought to be your comedic-blog-of-choice. If you don't believe him, then neener-neener-boo-boo.

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