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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Writer's, Um... What's That Thing Called?

I am quite sure that other aspiring writers such as myself have come up against certain stumbling blocks. There will always be things that prevent you from writing. There will always be writer's block, creative logjams, and the like. There will always be missed opportunities, ideas that fell by the wayside, and procrastination. There will forever be time misused and wasted. There will be mornings where you just cannot, however hard you try, find the time to write down what it is you are trying to say. There will always be moments in life where you cannot find a quiet place to sit and think and organise you thoughts.

What there will not always be, thankfully, is times when you are surrounded by two warring siblings, a screaming baby, and a British Telecom call-center operator in India who cannot understand the basics of English, when all you can think is oh for a baseball bat, a live grenade, a stiff G&T and four pairs of hands. Oh, for the ability to clone myself so that I may placate everyone. Oh why oh why oh why oh why...  and I am glad that this is so. Because things do sometimes work out the way you want them to. BT sometimes comes out and fixes the phone. Sometimes the words flow. Sometimes there are quiet spaces in life. Sometimes you remember to jot down that idea, sit and actually write instead of farting around on Angry Birds all morning. Sometimes you know instinctively know what it is that you want to say.

Nothing is permanent. Nothing lasts forever. Children grow up and get married and leave. Then they have kids. And then the kids bug them. And then they bring the kids over to you, the grandparents, to babysit. And then those kids fight.

OK, forget what I said.

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