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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

So I'm in this grocery store, right, and I'm looking inside a display case at two limited edition DVD's, one of the band Madness in concert, the other an interview with Heaven 17. They clearly came attached to a magazine that is now defunct. The store is weird because the floor slopes upward left to right.

I walk over to a pile of boxes that are clearly meant for the trash, and in the top box, which is open, I see the magazines that the DVDs came with, mint condition, in a protective plastic sleeve. I resolve then and there to grab them, and the DVDs too, so that they are back together and worth more. Clearly these are collector's items.

I start to walk up to the back of the store where there is a cafe. I know my family are there and will assist me in my endeavours.

As I walk along one aisle I am aware that an old man in a mobility scooter is pursuing me closely, so I pick up the pace. I am almost at a run now, and as I turn right out of the end of the aisle I am rugby-tackled to the floor by none other than my son Charlie, as he looked aged about 12. (He is now currently 22). He slaps me heartily on the back and laughs. The old man in the scooter is gone.

Charlie and I head up to the cafe where my daughters Emily and Susannah are sitting with my mother and Laura. I explain to them what I have seen and want to do, whereupon Charlie says OK, but that he first has to go to the toilet. As he walks into the restrooms, he turns and says "Hasta la pasta!!" whereupon Susannah snorts with laughter, shooting chocolate milk out of her nose.

Then I wake up.

Any ideas?

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