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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

100 Records That Shook the World, #27


Marquee Moon (LP)

Released in 1977, Television's Marquee Moon is often cited as the seminal post-punk/new wave record, largely because unlike conventional punk's three-chord thrash, Marquee Moon  is full of extended guitar improv and layered textures. Like many critically acclaimed songs and albums, it wasn't a commercial success.

The whole album is weird and different to anything else released at the time. From the front cover photo by Robert Mapplethorpe to Tom Verlaine's nervous and edgy delivery, the album shimmers. The band never achieved anything more than a cult status in their native USA but were in fact more popular in the UK, thanks largely to a rave review by Nick Kent in the NME.

Many artists have cited this album as a major influence - Stephen Morris of New Order and Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode to name but two. Rolling Stone ranked it at number 128 in their '500 Greatest Albums of All Time'.



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