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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Naming No Names

Peruse the following newspaper pages, if you will, please.

This illustrates to me what a 'slow news week' looks like. (The Facebook page with all its comments is gone, by the way, so don't bother looking.)

I have had many interactions with Lizzie and Tyrone, and found them to be lovely people. They helped me out with some things, such as providing meeting spaces. A few things entered my mind when I read this.

  1. I don't think Lizzie and Ty posted those comments because I think they are classier than that, but even if they had - so what? No names are named, so really, who's being offended? Methinks some people may have a guilty conscience.
  2. Um, it's true! Tenterden does indeed have a 'mafia' so to speak - well, maybe mafia is the wrong terminology - a clique perhaps? But the thing is - if you are part of this clique, you don't know you are, and if you aren't, you sure as hell know who is. The members of said group are people who think that what they do is for the good of the town, but really what they do is for the good of their own bank accounts and businesses and such. They like to give the appearance of doing good and charitable works for the community, but really it's a cunning web of deceit to cover up tax write-offs etc.  and keep all the money flowing in circular fashion from one person to the next. All strictly legal and above board, you understand, but if you're not in the club, then boy are you profoundly aware of it. And if you are of any use to them, they're nice as pie to you - until you outlive your usefulness. Then they'll just blank you.
  3. True, too, that there a lot of people out there that think the world owes them something because they inhabit it. There is this peculiar sense of entitlement that seems all-pervasive in today's 'yoof'. And some people are just plain lazy. 
All I can say is, good luck to Lizzie and Tyrone, two of the nicest people I know. Hope you find good neighbours in Somerset.

And just before anyone starts in on me,  this is just my lil' ol' blog here. I'm just ranting and putting in my four pennorth. As it says at the top of the page, drivel, piffle, tommyrot and suchlike.  But I know which club I'm in, and it's one I started... and anyone can join.

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