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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thank You, Young People

Thanks to all the cool kids and young adults for making sure we adults know how 'cool' you are, guys. We appreciate that you don't want your 'BFFs' thinking that perhaps you are somehow 'gay' because you would do something as 'gay' as putting your rubbish in the bins provided. That's so gay. By all means leave your detritus scattered in as wide an area as possible once you have finished chowing down on one of Zaffa's tasty kebabs or perhaps some Tesco sandwiches and a huge family size bottle of Tesco Summer Fruit Squash. After all, we were young once. We know what it's like when your peers may frown on your decision to tidy up after yourselves. After all, who wants to keep their shitty old town clean? Not you, that's for sure, and thanks for showing us in the best way possible. Assholes.

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