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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stars Are Stars

So Canadian rocker and terminal bore Bryan Adams has his own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Is it just me or does something about that just sound wrong? Time was the Walk Of Fame was the preserve of movie stars only. Nowadays it seems all one has to do is write an irritating song, stick it in a dire Costner flick, and watch it sit at number one for years on end, not forgetting of course to rake in the cash all the while, until people get tired enough of you and your 'talent' that they just give you a gold star in hopes you'll sod off. No offence, Bry.

I also hear on the wire that Pete Townshend wishes he had never been in The Who. What manner of nonsense is this? He says the rock ’n’ roll lifestyle ruined his health. Awww, diddums. (I can't believe I'm dissing a bona fide legend, a man I actually admire and respect, but in this case I feel justified.)The 65-year-old guitarist formed the group back in 1964. Apparently, after 47 years in the industry, his partying ways have left him with partial deafness, knee problems, shoulder trouble, a wrist injury and ringing in his ears from the band’s ear-splitting gigs.
Speaking to Uncut magazine, he said: “What would I have done differently? I would never have joined the band.
“I’d have made a more effective solo performer. I would be less damaged.”

Excuse me Pete, don't want to split hairs here, but you're 65. The same age as my mother. She has had a shoulder replacement and has degenerative osteo-arthritis, some hearing loss and is practically blind in one eye. I don't recall her doing flying windmills in front of giant Marshall stacks and exploding drum kits, or taking bucketloads of illicit substances in Rolls-Royces with a bunch of groupies.

Face it Pete, you're just old. Old enough to be my Dad, in fact. Things fall apart. Even I at the tender age of 45 can attest to that. So stop whining.

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