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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fogeydom Beckons

I often despair of young people. The (ahem) 'music' they are fond of
assailing us old'uns ears with, mainly. Usually accompanied by the
rallying cry of CHOOOONE!! Which is apparently the correct way to
show appreciation. But I also find their fashion sense a little odd.
Okay, I admit I'm not really the one to talk, having no actual 'dress
sense', at least not in the traditional way. I also freely fess up to
the fact that I thought the 80s were a great time for fashion. But
these woolly hats...
I've never been keen on woolly hats, tending to think of them in
a purely functional sense. Head warming properties only. It seems now
that it is appropriate to wear them in all weathers. But the woolly
hats that are long and hang down in the back like a droopy elf hat
without the bobbly bit on the end...
Sometimes the street looks like a garden gnomes' convention. I keep
wanting to ask them where their fishing rods are.
Oy. Kids today....


  1. Brad Pitt and Colin ... what the hell is his name? He was in The Phone Booth. They both sported them for a bit. Looked stupid even on such good looking men.
    I'm an old fogey.

  2. Colin Farrell. Yeah, stupid bloody things.


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