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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shall I Tell You...

...what I hate?

Yes. You know, I think it's time for a good old fashioned rant. Just a bunch of random vitriol about stuff that really isn't worth getting bugged about, but sometimes you're just in that frame of mind, dammit. So here I go.

First of all one of the things that really has started to get royally on my tits is when people say an extra "eve" to denote the day before an actual "Eve", as in "Christmas Eve Eve", "New Years' Eve Eve" and such. That really gets on my wick! That's not an "Eve", it's just Thursday. Knock it off already!

I hate the fact that I can't stop buying DVDs and CDs because they are either movies I love and have seen a bunch and just want in my collection or they are movies I've heard good things about and want to see and they really are a bargain price that's just too good to pass up - I never have time to watch them. Or rather, I do, I just choose to spend my time on the web writing blogs and ranting... I think what it boils down to is that I have this secret fantasy that one day I'll have enough money (how I come into this money, I'm sure I don't know - I doubt I'll ever make lots of money, so it would have to be money I was either given or money I won, but I digress) to have a fancy house with its own cinema in it and I'll invite my friends over, make a ton of popcorn and we'll all sit there watching What About Bob? and Blazing Saddles on my own personal big-ass screen. Nice. As to the CDs, I love music, so get off me. One of these days I'll have my own car, and play any damn CD I want in it. But if I do get a car, it'll have to have a cassette deck too. Just cause I want to.

I hate the fact that it takes one large mug of coffee in the morning to get my motor running. I hate people who wake up already to go. Who are these people? Do they even exist outside of TV movies and works of fiction?

I hate people who will not eat certain vegetables or meats or fungi or whatever, because they 'don't like' them, yet they cannot say for sure whether they've ever eaten them or not. Would it kill you to try something new? If you have a genuine allergy, that's fine, I'm not talking about you. I mean the people who only like their food 'a certain way' or they won't eat it. Oh, and what's with the crazies who don't like their foods to touch or who won't eat a casserole because things are mixed up in it?

I hate the fact that you can do online banking but you still have to wait 4-5 business days for your account info, bank card and PIN number to come by snail mail. Once you've been approved for an account, why isn't there a machine like the one that does the new licences at the DMV that can just spit out your new stuff?

I hate Facebook's new profile page. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I hate (I know, this is getting old - even I'm getting tired of it) the ppl who use abbreviations on their Facebook status (statuses? statii?) all the time even though they are not tweeting or texting. Facebook statum (?) should be in full, so that we can understand them. Oh, and just so you know, it's isn't a crime to use punctuation. I'm so tired of reading stuff like luv u huni :-) u r mi wrld <3 even if I know what you mean because just reading it makes me want to do physical harm to you.

I hate when things change for the worse or when I really dig something and it stops, like a TV series or a magazine.
Change is supposed to be good, but when it sucks all the fun out of things... good thing Blogger hasn't changed much since I started on here all those moons ago, back in the day.

Anyway, I appear to have run out of steam. You are all probably relieved about that. Go ahead and go back to your lives. Move along, nothing to see here.


  1. I always try to chat but never sure how to here goes give some instructions there Jeff....Uncky is a big thick on this stuff...
    And don't stop which food is whatever....I like it...

  2. Okay Steve, because you like it, Name This Food! shall continue, bless your heart.


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