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Thursday, July 22, 2010

To Write Or Not To Write

A little-known fact about me: I once tried to write a novel. I got 13 chapters in before I realised I didn't know where to go with the plot. It was only in the last few days that I told a couple of people about this and described the plot to them, not really thinking it was going to come to anything, but it really helped. It became clear where I had gone wrong with the plot and a twist or two was suggested to me that would extend the book and make it make more sense. I am going to start work on rewrite, from scratch, so that you all can enjoy it. From scratch? Yes, because I wrote it in 1996, and over the course of various house moves and an assortment of bad luck and events beyond my control, I lost the manuscript. The characters and plotlines still live in my head, but as to any existing copies, they are all long gone. (I only made two anyway...) So watch this space, folks. I am going to tease you with the first chapter when it is done to see if you all think I need to finish it. You have been warned....

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