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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Am... I Said

I have finally arrived.

Usually the best way to make sure I would show up in a Google search was to search for my name. But tonight I was searching for something completely random on Google Images and came up with three images from this blog. Hot doggie! I have gone global.

What was I searching for, you might ask? Well, I was writing a piece in the food blog about Mexican food, and somehow got on to the topic of Jempson's of Peasmarsh, where I went today to do a bit of shopping. Jempson's is fairly near Sir Paul McCartney's farm and so sometimes he shops there, or at least he used to. I mentioned this in the blog post, and was searching for an appropriate image out there and so I hopped on Google Images, and just for a laugh, did a search for "Fab Macca Wacky Thumbs Aloft", a nickname given to him in the 80's by the music mag Smash Hits, because he seemed to appear in a lot of pics giving the 'thumbs-up' sign accompanied by a cheeky grin (see pic).

When I hit search I noticed one of the resulting pics was the banner at the top of this page. Then I studied further and noticed two more images from my December archives. Turns out in one of my December posts I had referred to the Fab One by this nickname. I'd completely forgotten this.

Good on yer, Sir Paul.


  1. Wow, that is a good way to get noticed Jeff. You realize that I used to live in Brenchley, not too far from your stomping grounds. I was the chef at the Manor house there. Beautiful area.

  2. Ahh, Fab Macca Wacky Thumbs Aloft. Now there's a phrase I haven't heard (read) for a few years.

    *double thumbs up for Jeff*

    There's a rather photogenic Norwegian curler called Linn Githmark. During major curling championships we get countless numbers of Google hits from people searching for pics of her (and so will you, now that I've just mentioned her name here!)


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