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Friday, March 5, 2010

How A Man's Mind Works

I was a bit disturbed this morning when I noticed on Facebook that one of my friends was tagged in a photo album. The person in question was a young woman I had previously worked with. She's about 20 or so, and in a college sorority, so therefore prone to participate in all sorts of wacky college-type antics, most of which usually only pique my curiosity to maybe a tenth of a degree. The album in question was called 'Snow Day Antics' and had pictures of her and a bunch of college chums indulging in a bit of snowy fun, which they don't get a lot of in Georgia. However, then there were a bunch of pics of her and about 4 of her sorority sisters wearing nothing but bikinis. Then there were guys in their undershorts. Then all of the aforementioned were photographed outside in the snow having a snowball fight. Yeah.

Firstly, this had to have been a guy's idea. I'm sure beer was probably involved. I'm sure all the guys reading this know what I'm talking about. You're hanging out with a bunch of friends, you've had a bit to drink, and you think to yourself, "Hey - there are hot girls in this room - how can we get to see them 90% naked without making them think we want to see them 100% naked? I've got it - bikini snowball fight!"

They all appeared to be having fun. I'm sure they were. I'm pretty sure if that opportunity had ever presented itself to me as a young man I would have seized it with both hands and clung on tightly. I can't help but think, though - the guys probably had a lot more fun than the girls.


  1. It seems girls today (I know how old that makes me sound) are more than willing to bare their abs (taut or not) on a whim. Nakedness is a right of passage and a declaration of saying, "i'm not uptight like that old broad who can't snag a man as she drags her fat ass toward 45." And yes, that woman is me.

  2. What on earth makes you think you're uptight?


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