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Friday, January 22, 2010

Strange Days

So today marks the one week point. I arrived at Heathrow exactly one week ago today. In that week I have done many things. I got my library card. Applied for "Job Seeker's Allowance". Applied for three jobs. Picked up multivarious forms for applying for housing, driver's licence and such, been to see my grandad, been up the town a time or four, seen all the new shops in town where the old ones used to be, been to Waitrose a bunch of times, Tesco a bunch of times, Jempson's once. Been to Boots the chemist as well, several times (This old granny goes to the chemist to buy a bedpan. The clerk says, "We don't have any in stock. Have you tried Boots?" She says, "Yes, but it comes through the lace holes."). Got a cellphone. Went to Santander to see if my old Abbey account was still on file (It wasn't, but it only had 69p in it after all. That's about 85 cents.). Even had a cup of chai at Mr. Bean's Coffee House. I feel like I'm slowly getting all my gear together. There are a bunch of jobs I'm going to send my CV (resume) to as well in the Wealden Ad. So things are looking up.

So I went to Ashford today. Ashford used to be a bit crap. We were driving along where the Saturday market used to be and I went, "eh up! What the bloody 'ell is all this?" Because it's all semi-pedestrianised, like in the mall parking lot back home
and you have to watch out for people just randomly crossing the road. There's a dirty great Debenhams where there was previously just some crap shops. Later on we drove up to the junction of the M20 on the way to Willesborough. My sis had to go to the Nissan dealership where she bought her Nissan Note (what?) because her Bluetooth was playing up. Turns out it was her phone that was playing up, the Bluetooth was fine. There's also a model in the showroom called a
Qashqai. I can't pronounce that. But we're driving around that area and there's a Mickey D's with a (gasp) drive-thru! Americana at its finest! With a 99p menu, no less. We didn't go in, but I was curious.

In Tesco we shopped for a few odds and ends for the weekend, sis has some people coming to stay so a few choice frozen ready-to-serve meals was on the agenda. "Otherwise, " she opined, "I'll have to spend all bloody weekend in the kitchen." Sis, it must be mentioned, had a car wreck in '08 which left her with only partial use of her right arm. So practicality was the order of the day.
As we gassed up the Nissan, or should I say, put some petrol in the tank, she returned from the cashier with a new confection I had not seen in the States. A Cadbury's Creme Egg Twisted bar. This is basically the same as a Creme Egg but in bar form. Delicioso!

Anyway, that's about all for right now. See ya later.


  1. It is pronounced cash-keye

  2. They spell it with a Q, not followed by a U. They are using rules we don't even understand.

  3. Hmmm so I presume you'll be wanting my address in order to send me a case of those TWISTEDs? :D


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