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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Start Listening

You know that feeling?

When you've had a few days off work and consequently didn't bother setting your normal 'early' alarm.

You're lying there under the covers, half asleep and your body clock is saying to your brain, "it's time to get up. It is. I just know it is."

And your brain gets all logical and says, "Naah, can't be. Haven't heard the alarm yet."

And your body clock says, "But it's too bright in this room for it NOT to be time to get up. Trust me on this."

And your brain says, "but this bed is sooo comfy and the alarm still hasn't gone off. So why don't you quit your belly-achin' and leave us be, here in this nice comfy bed. We'll wait for the alarm, thank you."

"But," continues the body clock, "I've had years of experience on this very topic and I know damn well when we're supposed to get up. I'm telling you we are gonna be late if we don't get up right this second."

"Hush," says brain, "the alarm hasn't gone off yet, has it, smart guy? We're fine, let's just snooze."

"But, " says body clock, "what if you forgot to set the alarm, eh?"

You sit bolt upright. Grab the phone. Look at the time.

6:44 am.

Hurriedly jump out of bed and put clothes on. "Shitshitshitfuckshitshitshiiiit!"

Body clock says, "When will you ever start listening to me?"


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