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Monday, February 15, 2016

This Never Happened

A toy shop, sometime in the late 20th Century.

Door opens. Young person enters.

YOUNG PERSON: Excuse me, do you have 'OPERATION'?

SHOPKEEPER: Why, yes, small person. Here we are. (He produces the game and places it on the counter.)

YP: How much is it?

SK: That'll be ten pounds, please. But don't forget there'll be extras available in a couple of months.

YP: Extras? Cool!

SK: Yeah, there'll be an extra patient to operate on, and custom forceps. 


SK: Yeah, you can pre-order them if you like, for only another £25.

YP: £25? Well, I dunno...

SK: But you can sign up to the special Operation Club Force Z right now when you pre-order and you'll get a special Zombie mode upgrade so you can operate on the Undead...

YP: Sold!

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