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Friday, May 2, 2014

Give It A Rest, Jimmy

As a fairly average fat dude, I would just like to say to James Franco - OK man. We all get it. You're a handsome guy. Women lust after you all the time. There are even T-Shirts available proclaiming such.

That pic is from his own Facebook page. He knows he's attractive. He is fully aware of the fact that he is a sex object. So why all the selfies, Jimmy?

Mr. Franco, the award-winning highly respected actor and director, has for some time now been posting selfies on Instagram and WhoSay pretty much daily. Most of the time they are like this.

Fair enough. But just recently things have taken a turn. Every evening I'll be sitting there on the sofa, feeding my baby daughter a bottle or sipping a coffee while watching the latest shenanigans on Hollyoaks or EastEnders (yes, you are right - I do have that whole 'rock & roll lifestyle' thing down to a fine art, don't I?) and Laura will be checking her Facebook on the home PC when suddenly she'll make one of those 'lustful female' type noises and say something along the lines of "James Franco, what are you doing to all us women?". Because just recently the piccies have been like this.

Dear God, man! What are you doing to us men, never mind the women!? Eh? I'll tell ya what - making us all look bad, that's what! Knock it off already! We're already insecure enough about our bodies and our attractiveness without Mr. Studly Buffkins flashing the flesh and looking like he's been up to no good all night long! Although the latest picture, I do have to say, makes me at least feel a bit less insecure about ONE thing.

Not much to worry about there.

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