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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Let's Abolish Sunday (And Monday Too)

I hate Sundays. Always have. There is nothing to do on a Sunday. The TV is rubbish on Sunday.  Even if you live in a country like the USA with its 24/7 activity culture, there is a different dynamic about Sundays that make them less tolerable. Perhaps it is the knowledge that the following day is Monday which all working people dread (except people who are fortunate enough to be doing what they love for a living, but how many are there of those? And of course those fortunate enough to be either lottery winners, self-made millionaires like Jonathan Hart, or born into money and don't have to work for a living). Monday has a feel all its own. Even in this day and age when people work mostly all week because shops are now open every damn day, Monday is the worst.

But Sunday is dreaded even by children. Even those who enjoy school. Even those who are not yet old enough to attend school. So what gives?

The reasons for this universal dislike of Sundays and Mondays could be debated for weeks, months, years, and that is simply time we do not have. So I propose a solution.

Let's just get rid of Sunday and Monday. No more dread, no more worry. We just skip them. Go straight from Saturday to Tuesday. We avoid all the crap Sunday TV. We don't have to cook an enormous dinner every weekend. No more Monday morning blues. Plus, the calendar would divide more evenly. Every year would have exactly 73 weeks. The dread of Christmas would be alleviated.

"How many weeks to Christmas?"

"52, I make it."

"Wow, that's a long way off. Don't have to worry about buying gifts just yet."

Every month would have six weeks, except August, which would have seven.

"How long is your vacation to Mallorca this year?"

"The entire month of August."

"Wow, seven weeks. Sounds amazing. I'm soooo jealous."

Plus, if you get paid weekly, that's one pay packet every five days. Far easier to budget for, and since you aren't having that gargantuan Sunday roast every week, the grocery bill is a little lighter on the wallet.

So I say let's do this. The pros far outweigh the cons. Who's with me?

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