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Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little Perspective, People

There's an ad on TV right now for Flora Buttery Margarine. I won't give it any explanation, I'll just let you watch the thing.

There are a lot of folks who find this offensive. They have taken to sites like mumsnet to talk like a lot of Victorian ladies who cover up the legs of the piano stool with pantalettes lest they see uncovered fetlock and get the vapours, saying it's "shocking" and "needs to be banned". Someone even started an online petition to ban the ad.

Personally, I don't care one way or the other. Sure, there is an allusion to kids witnessing their folks shagging but you don't see anything and I think the humour will be over the heads of those young enough to actually be shocked by it.

No, I think there is an ad, or rather a set of ads that has been around for a few years and I find far more offensive. I am surprised there isn't a large vocal group of Italians calling for the removal of these ads.

Here's possibly the worst one.

Everything about it is awful. From the terrible accents to the stupid plots to the blatant stereotyping, it is dreadful in every way possible. If I was Italian I'd be calling Dolmio daily and explaining that Italians don'ta talka like-a thatta. And yet I don't know of any online petitions calling for its removal.


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