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Monday, January 20, 2014

I Think Strange Thoughts

Was just thinking the other day... what a strange phrase the following is...

"Raise your hands up in the air, wave 'em like ya just don't care!"

I know for a fact you have to have heard this phrase at a party or a club or on the radio at least once in your life. And the thing is... it's an old phrase, been around for years. And yet, and yet... I only the other day actually thought about it. And the thought I had was this...

"If you really didn't care, you wouldn't even bother raising your hands in the air in the first place, would you? You'd just keep them stuffed in your pockets like normal. In fact, you'd probably not even be anywhere that you'd be likely to hear that phrase."

Let's face it, folks. If you seriously DID NOT CARE, you'd likely be sat on the sofa in your skivvies, eating popcorn and nachos, drinking store-brand pop and flipping channels till the wee hours.

Well? Tell me I'm wrong.

Some people just care too much.


  1. This hunkers right along with my insistence and strong urging to people I know "If you love me and you know it clap your hands" as I glare sternly at them awaiting hand clapping.

    1. The more I find out about you, Michael, the less I understand, and the scarier you seem. Love ya!


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