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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Musical Puzzler: Sting

Alright folks, it's been long enough. I need to stop fannying around and get my arse in gear. Actually, no, I have been rather busy with other projects of late and I simply have been too tired mentally and physically to find anything to write about. So, we need to get back up to speed. And the first order of business is The Musical Puzzler. I left you last time with what I thought was a fairly easy question to answer. After all, I asked who portrayed 'Ace' in the Who film Quadrophenia. A classic film, and one that anyone with a knowledge of Google would be able to look up. The answer, of course, was one Gordon Sumner, otherwise known the world over as Sting. And no, not Sting from WWE, Sting from The Police! Sting from... well, Sting. Now, I am sure that most people with a knowledge of who Sting is will recall that he was named Sting because when he was a young up and coming musician playing in the working men's clubs in the North of England, he was rather fond of a black-and-yellow striped sweater which earned him the nickname. So that is not the next question. The next question is...

What is the link between The Police and Wall Of Voodoo?

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